Your Community Sees You
Offers for Health Care Workers

Your Community Sees You.

And they are stepping up to demonstrate their support for you.

Our community recognizes the incredible stress and challenges that our KGH and Kelowna Health Care Workers have been navigating throughout the pandemic and many are offering support in the form of in-kind gifts. In-kind gifts include products and services, everything from haircuts to free meals and coffee.

The community is doing what they can to show their support for the work you do. Below is a consolidated list of recent offers/in-kind gifts for KGH and Kelowna Health Care staff that have been posted using #WhiteHeartInKind.

If you are a community member/business owner and have an in-kind offer in support of our KGH and Kelowna Health Care staff, please post it to Instagram or Twitter using #WhiteHeartInKind and it will automatically populate below, making it easy for our amazing health care workers to find, and take you up on your offer!


Other Ways to Give.

There are many ways to give and together we CAN make excellence possible.


Make a One-Time Online Donation


in Person

Stop by the KGH Foundation office to drop off your donation. We’re located in the Clinical Academic Campus at KGH.

Setup A

You can make a big difference!


More Ways
to Give

There are so many ways you can support health care in our region. Learn more.

“People always ask why, but maybe they should ask why not! You get to work with the nicest people, for the nicest people. It’s the best kind of job satisfaction you’ll ever find.”

“I am inspired by how selfless people are – caring for others who they have never met and whose story they may never know.  But yet they give generously to make the situation of others better.  I have so much respect for those who act to make the world a better place.  In the end it’s all that matters.”