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Being healthy is the unique expression of many, often inter-related dimensions which can be physical, mental, emotional, social, relational and spiritual.  (w)healthy endeavors to explore them, taking you behind the curtain with leading experts, from physicians to people with lived experience. Through knowledge and storytelling, we hope to empower and inspire you to live your (w)healthiest life. Join Shauna Nyrose of the KGH Foundation on a journey to a (w)healthy life.

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…Yes, You Have Breast Cancer.

“Will I lose my hair? How do I tell my family? But I’m super healthy, how did this happen? Will I live to see my kids graduate? Am I going to die?” These are just some of the impossible questions and anxieties that Carly Gunn was grapping with after being diagnosed with breast cancer after discovering a lump while breast-feeding her baby daughter. She shares candidly with Shauna about her lived experience with a cancer diagnosis, who also talks openly about her own journey with breast cancer in 2019. Featuring deeply personal stories of heartbreak and triumph, it’s a (w)healthy episode not to be missed. 

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed by guests of the podcast do not necessarily reflect the views of the KGH Foundation.\

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