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$927,707 Raised! Thank you!

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KGH Foundation Day of Giving raised over $927k!

Just over one year ago, we stated that health care has to change.
Yesterday, on the eighth annual KGH Day of Giving, our community proved that they agree – and that they’re ready to take action. $927,707.07 to advance Cancer Care right here at KGH. What else can we say, other than WOW!
Our sincerest thank you to everyone who contributed to this incredible achievement. We want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to our volunteers, media partners, corporate partners, staff, community partners, and of course our generous donors – none of this would be possible without you.
If you would still like to contribute to Cancer Care, you can do so below!

“In the past few years alone, there have been unprecedented advancements in AI, technology, and robotic-assisted surgical systems in cancer treatment—this is the future of cancer care, and we are ready.

Dr. Joshua Wiesenthal, Urologic Surgeon, Kelowna General Hospital

Our Corporate Partners
It’s Closer to home than you think…

It is anticipated that 45% of Canadians will face a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime.  If cancer hasn’t affected you personally, chances are it has touched someone you love.  The KGH Foundation’s ‘Closer to home than you think’ campaign is a commitment to raising $40 million to help advance health care, right here at home. This includes $3.5 million dedicated to the advancement of Cancer Care at Kelowna General Hospital, specifically in the vital areas of medical imaging, pathology and surgical oncology.

Last year, over 7,500 people from the Central Okanagan and surrounding communities in BC’s southern interior underwent surgery or were admitted for cancer-related care at Kelowna General Hospital.  

We know Cancer Care is important to you.  Cancer touches us all.  The campaign gives us the opportunity to work together and shape the future of cancer care at KGH, specifically the diagnosis and primary treatment of cancers – breast, prostate, pancreatic, brain, stomach, colon… and many more – that affect so many of us and our loved ones.  

Cancer Diagnosis & Surgery

The KGH Foundation’s commitment to advancing cancer care is to help ensure that when this life-altering disease affects you or someone you love, world-class diagnostics in medical imaging and pathology, and surgical oncology are available at Kelowna General Hospital, the current primary referral hospital for cancer patients living in the southern interior of BC.

Donations to the KGH Foundation are a direct investment in the care that is delivered at KGH in four key areas: 



Early and clear detection through advanced medical imaging can significantly alter the course of a patient's journey with cancer, leading to improved outcomes and survival rates. As a critical step in advancing diagnostics, the campaign will also fund the purchase of a 3T MRI.



By building capacity to reduce or eliminate the need to send specimens to Vancouver for testing and speeding up the diagnostic process, wait times for test results and treatment plans will be reduced, alleviating stress for patients and their families during this critical period.



For many cancer patients, surgery is often crucial for enabling accurate disease staging, increasing survival chances and reducing recurrence risks.  By investing in the latest surgical technologies our surgeons can operate with enhanced precision, minimize invasiveness, and shorten recovery times for their cancer patients.



$1 million has been earmarked specifically to fund innovation in cancer care.  This includes trials and pilot projects, research, training in advanced techniques and other initiatives that aim to improve processes, pre and post treatment approaches and overall care that addresses the unique needs of our region’s patients. To learn more about the innovation component of the campaign, click here.

Equipment & Technology

Your gift to cancer care will be directed towards the acquisition of cutting-edge diagnostic and surgical equipment, technology, and instruments that enhance diagnostic precision and provide detailed insights into tumour characteristics. Here are some examples of the vital equipment cancer care funds have and will support:


UPPER GI CANCERS – Endoscopic Ultrasound (EUS): Enables advanced diagnostics and tissue biopsy in primarily the upper abdominal area, allowing for less-invasive and more accurate access to tissues. The additional endoscopic ultrasound set will help meet the growing demand due to increased referrals and use for other procedures, such as treating liver disease or bile duct stents. The EUS will improve scheduling efficiencies, reduce waitlists, and provide more timely diagnoses.

ALL CANCERS – Flow Cytometry: Enables the onsite detection and analysis of specimens collected through a blood draw. This tool will enable timely diagnostic results, from a few days to merely a few hours, as the viable specimens will no longer require a trip to Vancouver for assessment.


LUNG CANCER – Tumour Debridement/Cryo Equipment: Freezes tissues for emergency airway tumour removal onsite at KGH by the Thoracic surgery team. Without the proposed cryo equipment, patients requiring the procedure will have to be referred to a hospital in the lower mainland for treatment.

BREAST CANCER – Wireless Breast Localization: This technology aims to improve surgical accuracy, enhance patient comfort, streamline surgical procedures, and minimize the need for additional surgeries, marking a significant advancement in breast cancer care.

Innovation Spotlight

Dr. Sita Ollek, Physician


Thanks to the generosity of KGH Foundation donors, we have been able to trial innovative technologies for breast cancer patients, such as Wireless Breast Localization. This novel approach reduces patient discomfort and improves patient experience.  It can also enhance surgical accuracy and may reduce the need for additional surgeries. The impact of embracing innovation in cancer care is multi-faceted.

Dr. Joshua Wiesenthal Urologic Surgeon


“Blue Light Cystoscopy is a very powerful diagnostic tool that allows urologists to improve tumor detection for bladder cancer at the time of surgery, vastly and subsequently reduce the risk of cancer recurrence. Previously, it was only available for bladder cancer patients residing in the Lower Mainland and Victoria.  Now, thanks to the KGH Foundation’s donors, we have the capacity to perform this life-saving procedure right here at KGH.”

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