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Build Your Philanthropic Vision.


Your Legacy of Care

Consider how you would like to be remembered through your legacy. What is important to you in your life, and how will your estate planning reflect your interest and values?

Contact your financial advisor or lawyer to start preparing your will, or to add a simple amendment to your existing will. Professional advice will also help you maximize the tax advantages of your gift.

If you feel comfortable sharing your legacy gift, please contact the KGH Foundation. We’d like to thank you for your generosity with the opportunity to have a personalized engraved leaf on our legacy tree and include your name annually in our Impact Report as an inspiration to others.

Why Future Gifts Matter

A future gift you plan for KGH Foundation will support compassionate care, while enabling medical advances.

An Enduring Imprint

When you establish a meaningful legacy, you reflect your values and leave a lasting mark that will be remembered. Your decision to support KGH demonstrates your desire to make a positive social impact and enhance health care for others. For many, involving family members in the planning process and sharing the reasons for their choices, helps inspire and instill a sense of giving in loved ones.

Community Impact

 For over four decades, donors like you have trusted the KGH Foundation to support the future of KGH, and advance the well-being and health care available to everyone who calls the southern interior home. Your charitable bequest to the KGH Foundation will foster a thriving and robust health care system, which is essential for the vitality of our burgeoning community.

Financial Comfort Zone

Your vision is what counts. Anyone who makes a will can include a gift to charities they care about. Legacy giving is inclusive and accessible for people of all means, and it doesn’t impact your everyday cash flow. Larger gifts can create transformative change and have a profound impact, yet many more donors help in modest ways. And all together, the ripple effect is substantial. No matter what your situation, you can select from many options for the opportunity to make a legacy gift that best suits you.

Directing Your Future Gift

Many donors are grateful patients who want to ensure that others can receive the best level of care and express the difference KGH has made in their own lives. Legacy donors can choose to designate for KGH’s “priority needs” to fund urgent projects and equipment most needed at the time of the gift or to specify one or more areas of care that are personally meaningful. Please contact our office – we are happy to assist you with this decision.


How to Leave a Gift in Your Will

To include a bequest to the Kelowna General Hospital Foundation, the following wording will ensure your wishes are carried out.


  • I give to the Kelowna General Hospital Foundation, the sum of ($ amount).
  • I give all (or a specific percentage or shares) of the residue of my estate to the Kelowna General Hospital Foundation.
  • I give (insert a specific sum, all or a portion of the residue of my estate) to the Kelowna General Hospital Foundation to be used for a purpose related or benefit to (insert specific purpose).

It is essential that you include the correct name and address:

KGH Foundation 2268 Pandosy Street, Kelowna BC V1Y 1T2

Charitable Registration #11897 8733 RR0001

For information or if you have any questions, please contact: Colleen Cowman, Director of Planned Giving, (250)-862-4300 ext. 27011


Planned Giving FAQ’s

Yes, estate planning helps Canadians to support both loved ones and the causes they care about. Legacy giving has significant advantages and tax benefits that professional advisors can share with you. For example, did you know that when you donate appreciated assets like stocks, certain real estate, and other investments, your estate will not pay tax on the accrued capital gains and the charitable receipt will be for 100% of the full value? If you have specific amounts you want to leave to your family and friends, you can name the KGH Foundation as a residual beneficiary. This way, your family and friends receive their gifts first and any remaining money will be your gift to the Foundation.

Estate gifts are future gifts, and only given after you pass away. They are made from whatever is left in your estate, so do not affect the money you need to live on now or in retirement. When you take account of all your assets, you may be very surprised. Giving to charity actually opens up possibilities that more people should consider.

It is best to have a will in place. Without a will, your estate will be settled according to provincial laws without regard for your wishes. Legacy giving will be covered by the terms you set out in your will, and this way you can be certain we will receive your gift. There are a few exceptions of assets that can designate charitable beneficiaries outside of your will (thereby avoiding probate and making less work for your executor). These include insurance policies, trusts, and registered accounts like TFSAs, RRIFs and RRSPs, and donor advised funds. The host financial institution has you sign a beneficiary form, and upon your death, the account is closed and the proceeds are issued to the charity or charities you have named. Once the funds are received, a charitable tax receipt is issued for your estate.

The KGH Foundation respects and honours all requests for anonymity. It is, however, very helpful for us to know of your intention to make a legacy gift in advance. When we know, we can be certain that we will eventually receive your legacy gift after your passing. Then we can truly honour your philanthropic vision. Even though you will remain anonymous, your impact will on KGH and our community endure.

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