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Dr. Chris Baliski, Surgical Oncologist

World-Class Cancer Care, Right Here at KGH

The KGH Foundation is committed to raising $40 million to help fund the changes needed in health care right here at home. This includes $3.5 million dedicated to the advancement of surgical oncology and diagnostic excellence in cancer care at Kelowna General Hospital.

Despite remarkable advancements in cancer care in recent decades, cancer remains the leading cause of death in Canada. Currently, it is anticipated that 45% of Canadians will face a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime. 

As a leading tertiary healthcare facility and the region’s main referral centre, patients in the Central Okanagan and surrounding area experiencing symptoms of cancer are most often referred to Kelowna General Hospital for diagnosis and surgical interventions. Advancing diagnostic imaging and surgical excellence in cancer care at KGH is undeniably vital in the patient’s early journey.

Diagnostic imaging, a life-saving tool for screening, early detection, and accurate diagnosis, can significantly impact patient outcomes. The waiting period for diagnostic test results and treatment plans puts tremendous stress on patients and their loved ones. 

Surgical interventions play a key role, allowing our oncologists to remove tumors early, preventing the disease’s spread to other parts of the body, and accurately staging the cancer. This vital investment will reduce wait times for life-changing diagnoses, decrease the need for invasive procedures, minimize patient discomfort, and maximize the effectiveness of treatment – ultimately saving lives. 

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Equipment & Technology

Your gift to cancer care will be directed towards the acquisition of cutting-edge diagnostic and surgical equipment, technology, and instruments that enhance diagnostic precision and provide detailed insights into tumour characteristics. Here are some examples of the vital equipment cancer care funds have and will support:


Immunohistochemistry (IHC) Stainers (x2): Performed a process on cancer tissues removed during biopsy.  Two new IHC stainer replacements were funded to increase diagnostic capacity, timeliness and outcomes. With the two stainers in place, the diagnosis time is significantly reduced as samples no longer need to be sent to Vancouver, which can delay testing by about 7 days. The IHC testing has also enabled the KGH Lab to detect cancer biomarkers, which are targets on tumor cells that sophisticated cancer treatments can attach to, allowing them to destroy the tumor cells without significantly impacting surrounding cells

Cellient Cell Block: Concentrates cells to they can be collected together into paraffin for tissue sections to be cut out. The cellient cell block system will improve the quality and viability for the cell blocks and decrease the turn around time of results from 24 hours to 45 minutes. The cell block is used by the pathologists for special stains, immunohistochemistry and potential molecular testing to diagnose cancer. This is a new piece of equipment for the KGH Cytology Lab.

Flow Cytometry: Enables the onsite detection and analysis of specimens collected through a blood draw. This tool will enable timely diagnostic results, from a few days to merely a few hours, as the viable specimens will no longer require a trip to Vancouver for assessment.

Endoscopic Ultrasound (EUS): Enables advanced diagnostics and tissue biopsy in primarily the upper abdominal area, allowing for less-invasive and more accurate access to tissues. The additional endoscopic ultrasound set will help meet the growing demand due to increased referrals and use for other procedures, such as treating liver disease or bile duct stents. The EUS will improve scheduling efficiencies, reduce waitlists, and provide more timely diagnoses.


Tumour Debridement/Cryo Equipment: Freezes tissues for emergency airway tumour removal onsite at KGH by the Thoracic surgery team. Without the proposed cryo equipment, patients requiring the procedure will have to be referred to a hospital in the lower mainland for treatment.

Neuro Microscope: Enhances the precision of brain cancer surgeries with innovative technology, ensuring the highest accuracy for challenging brain and spinal procedures. This second microscope for KGH is important to support the expanded care provided by the neurosurgery department.

Innovative Projects & Ideas

Your support of innovation in cancer care will empower our clinicians and physicians to explore solutions that address the unique challenges faced by our community. From fostering a culture of research to leading projects and initiatives that drive positive change, innovation will ensure KGH remains at the forefront of cancer care excellence.

Innovation Spotlight

Donors supporting the KGH Foundation Cancer Care fund, helped fund a trial aimed to explore alternative tumor localization strategies that are more precise, more comfortable and less distressing for breast cancer patients than the traditional method. With a goal of achieving better health outcomes and improved patient experience, the trial explored ways to enhance surgical accuracy, reduce patient discomfort, simplify the process for surgeons, and decrease the need for further operations. Now that the trial has been successfully completed, funds supporting Cancer Care with the KGH Foundation will help support the acquisition of the preferred equipment.  This is a strong example of a clinician recognizing an opportunity to improve patient care, and taking action to make it possible.

Double Your Impact

A gift to support innovation offers the benefit of unlocking a matching contribution from the Jim Pattison Foundation to support the Centre for Health System Learning & Innovation which will hold an important role in advancing this work.

Help us bring innovative solutions to cancer care in the Southern Interior and double your impact today.

In the face of cancer, every advancement, every innovation, and every act of generosity brings us closer to a world where cancer no longer defines the course of a person’s life. Advancing our hospital’s capacity to diagnose and treat cancers will not only save lives, but it will elevate care where it matters most – right here at home.

With your help, a healthier and brighter future is closer to home than you think.

Giving changes everything.


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