Perinatal Impact Story – A Baby Is Born

Perinatal Impact Story – A Baby is Born

From 2015

Paul and Lisa Johnson were expecting their first child. When the couple learns the baby is in the breech position (head up, bum down) they opt for a C-section delivery, widely considered the safest way to deliver a breech baby. Follow their journey from the time they arrive at the hospital, through the preparation for surgery and delivery of their son, and meet the KGH team members involved with bringing a baby into the world.

Perinatal Unit

Each year more than 1,600 babies are born at KGH with increasing numbers being born pre-term.  The new NICU at KGH opened its doors to the community in March 2016 and with it, the most advanced perinatal unit in the Southern Interior region.  The level 2B NICU can accommodate premature infants born as early as 30-weeks.  The KGH Foundation’s Giving Giggles campaign set out to raise $3million to equip the unit with the most advanced, state of the art equipment and patient care items in the country. Thanks to the extraordinary generosity of donors and the community, the campaign closed in 2017.

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