This is Why it Matters

This is why it matters.

A message from the KGH Foundation CEO, Allison Ramchuk

“The two most powerful catalysts for change are the belief that change is possible, and the courage to try” -Allison Ramchuk

Welcome to another edition of Foundations, the KGH Foundation’s bi-annual newsletter to you, our donors.

Sharing the stories of the impact of your generosity is one of the most important responsibilities we have. Because the way health care philanthropy works is ultimately based on a promise. It requires that you believe in two things. The first is our mission – that access to excellence in health care must not be limited to those who live in Vancouver or Calgary; that here in Kelowna, we too deserve a world-class hospital and world-class health care. Secondly, it requires faith that, together with our partners in health care, we will deliver on our promise that giving changes everything. It’s a big promise. Your trust in our ability to deliver is the most valuable asset we have.

So the stories that follow matter. They validate your trust and demonstrate how our promise is being kept in real life, in real-time, for real people, every day at Kelowna General Hospital and throughout the communities we serve. Just ask the winners of our Lake Life Lottery grand prize dream home how much of their ‘everything’ was changed. Ask patients living with kidney disease or men with urological complications how much giving has changed everything for them. Your generosity helped build and continues to sustain JoeAnna’s House, the impact of which compounds year after year. These stories also highlight future promises, such as the commitment we are able to make to patients living with neurodegenerative disorders such as dementia, Alzheimer’s, ALS and Parkinson’s disease, thanks to the return of the Heart of Gold gala.

The two most powerful catalysts for change are the belief that change is possible, and the courage to try.

Though the challenges we face in health care today are complicated, they are not insurmountable. This spring, the KGH Foundation will announce our most ambitious fundraising campaign in our 45-year history. A campaign that promises A New Era in health care for all who live in the southern interior region of BC. Your generosity is the enabler. It also sends a message.

You’re not giving up. And neither are we.

With your faith and trust, we will deliver.

In gratitude,
Allison Ramchuk, CEO

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