Volunteer Spotlight – Linda Munroe & Rick Knorr

Volunteer Spotlight

Linda Munroe & Rick Knorr - Volunteers at the Perking Lot
Linda Munroe & Rick Knorr – Volunteers at the Perking Lot

Every Saturday, we highlight one of our amazing volunteers on our social media channels – but in this special edition of our Volunteer Spotlight Saturday, we’re getting to know two.

Linda Munroe started volunteering at the Perking Lot back in November of 2018, and Rick Knorr has been a volunteer with the KGH Foundation since September of 2007!

Why do you choose to volunteer? 

Linda: “I choose to volunteer because it’s good for the soul!  When I retired from teaching I needed something fulfilling to put my energy towards.  Volunteering my time and what skills I have learned at coffee making is a powerful way to make a difference, to help others, to give back to the community, and, as it turns out, to enhance my own well-being!”

Rick: “I believe that giving back to the community is an essential responsibility of everyone who has the opportunity to do so. Choosing your place of service often compliments one’s interests and one’s gifts.”

What do you love about it?

Linda: “I love the positive environment.  I am humbled by the hardworking staff and the patients who maintain such an optimistic outlook.  It certainly broadens my perspective about my own life.  It gives me a sense of accomplishment knowing that I can contribute in some small way.

We always have a good time on our Thursday shift – it’s fun!”

Rick: “So much to love….the people I work with, the positive and energetic environment that I work within and the knowledge that I am making a small difference in the lives of others and the life of KGH.”

What has been the biggest surprise?

Linda: “The biggest surprise to me was that I learned to make so many different coffee drinks when I rarely drink it myself!  The other surprise was the amount of funds that a shift provides to the foundation.”

Rick: “Witnessing the continued dedication of all the volunteers who serve the hospital in so many ways.”

What is a memorable moment?

Linda: “A particularly memorable moment for me happened recently when Harmony Honda generously donated funds for free coffee and a snack for the staff.  We managed to sell $3000 on our shift, which was the most we have ever done in my time of volunteering.  It was exciting being that busy!”

Rick: “Serving coffee in itself is a very simple task, but listening to the hearts of customers is a privilege unto itself. I remember fondly hearing a first-time Dad share the exhilarating joy of his newborn child. This is a memory that one does not take lightly.”

Do you have any favourite volunteer friends?

Linda: “I love our Thursday crew!  (Colin, Stephen, Rick, and the ever revolving Mennonite boys). I have met so many wonderful volunteers and have become close friends with one of the women who worked on the Friday shift with me when we began.  I am grateful for that opportunity.”

Rick: “I have been touched immensely over the last 15 years to have worked with a variety of individuals young and old. The goodness and greatness of these volunteers has kept me returning week in and week out. A big shout out goes to the Mennonite boys who diligently serve with such a positive attitude each and every week.”

Why is volunteering important in general?

Linda: “Volunteering is important in general because life is enriched through community service.  It’s a perfect way to achieve a sense of fulfillment.  Although we provide a positive service to the staff, patients, and visitors to KGH, the benefits have been even greater to me as a volunteer.  My life has certainly been enriched by the experience.”

Rick: “If it were not for volunteers numerous organizations and charitable programs would cease to exist. Volunteering is nothing short of a “win-win” situation. Paying it forward is a simple way for someone to show kindness and goodness to their fellow mankind.”

A sincere thanks to both of you for your incredible commitment to your community and the Foundation! We are so appreciative of your continued effort & positivity!

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