Donor Story – Slovenian Society

Donor Story – Slovenian Society

The Slovenian Society of Okanagan is celebrating its 35th anniversary and has generously chosen to donate the balance of society funds to a cause that is, literally, close to their hearts.

Founding President and now Trustee of the Society, Ignac Konte, presented cheques for $14,029.65 to the KGH Foundation.  The sum includes $10,000 dedicated to funding Outpatient Cardiac Services at Kelowna General Hospital, specifically the purchase of an ECG cart, with the balance to support the Central Okanagan Hospice House and the purchase of a Broda transport recliner chair.

Established over thirty five years ago, the Slovenian Society has allowed Slovenians to continue to preserve and celebrate their unique heritage, language and culture while living in the Okanagan.

“Over the years, we have had many wonderful experiences working together as Slovenians as well as with member of other cultural groups in the area,” says Mr. Konte.  “We are very proud to have this be our final gift to the community– one that we know will have a lasting impact for the people of the Okanagan.”

The Slovenian Society has gifted over $22,000 to KGH and its associated residential care facilities.  “We are very grateful to our friends at the Slovenian Society,” says Mischa Mueller, Senior Development Officer with the KGH Foundation.  “This is a truly generous gift, one that will be put to very specific use at the hospital.”

On behalf of society trustees, Martin Sernek, Olga Rowe, Milena Yantol, Jozica Sulic and Antonia Markon, Mr. Konte wishes to graciously thank “all of the members and others who have supported the society since 1981.”

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