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Working together to deliver care in our community.

At the KGH Foundation, we firmly believe in the transformative power of collaboration. It is through our joint efforts with an array of organizations in our community that we amplify our impact across the entire continuum of health care. These collaborations include fundraising, granting, and strategic partnerships, all converging towards one goal: to build world-class health care right here at home.

The grants we award go beyond mere financial aid; they are investments in the community’s health. We empower local organizations to embark on health care projects that cater to the unique and immediate needs of our region, as well as projects that foster innovation and will provide a systemic benefit for generations to come. Through these grants, we strive to nurture a robust and dynamic system of care that benefits everyone in our community.

The essence of our mission, however, lies in the partnerships we forge with community leaders and organizations. Collaborating with entities such as CMHA Kelowna, YMCA of Southern Interior BC, and Interior Health, we create a network of shared knowledge and resources. These partnerships not only bolster fundraising activities but also enrich our initiatives with diverse expertise and perspectives.

Giving changes everything. Join us in this noble endeavour of collaboration and witness the remarkable difference we can make, together.


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