Shaping the Future of Healthcare in Our Region

Kelowna General Hospital is a burgeoning Health Sciences centre for research & innovation. Our health care workers are asking big questions. What? Who? Why? How? All in an effort to advance and revolutionize health care delivery. And these questions – they’re just the beginning. But, to answer these questions, partnership with community leaders who are willing to ask the same big questions is key.

Leadership gifts have created opportunities that wouldn’t otherwise be available within traditional government funding models.

For More Information Please Contact

Allison Ramchuk, Chief Development Officer
250-862-4300 ext 7008

If you’re ready to ask questions, to innovate, and to boldly make a difference please contact us and one of our philanthropic advisors will work with you to help identify an opportunity that is most meaningful to you.

When you partner with KGH Foundation, you have the opportunity to transform healthcare in our region and make a big difference.

Together, we can build excellence in any or all of our Foundations of Care

  • Acute Care
  • Community Care
  • Research & Innovation
  • Quality & Improvement


Doug Rankmore, KGH Foundation CEO; Allison Ramchuk, KGH Foundation Chief Development Officer; Dr. Nevin de Korompay, KGH Interventional Radiologist; Judy & Marshall Eliuk; Cory Bendall, IH Network Director, Stroke Care; Dr. Aleksander Tkach, KGH Vascular Neurologist, IH Stroke Network Medical Director standing outside of KGH.

$8 Million Raised to Fund Advanced Stroke Care at KGH

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The $8 million Every Moment Matters campaign to fund wide-sweeping advancements in stroke care for patients from across the southern interior of B.C. is complete.
man in lab coat using a microscope

Why Does Research Matter

Health research has broadened - knowing the significant impact that socioeconomic, demographic, cultural, psychological, environmental, and behavioural aspects have on an individual’s health and health care experience...
Rotary club cheque presentation for JoeAnna's House

Jackpot for JoeAnna’s House

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Restrictions on in-person gathering didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of sixteen Rotary clubs from across the East and West Kootenays from getting creative in support of JoeAnna’s House...

“People always ask why, but maybe they should ask why not! You get to work with the nicest people, for the nicest people. It’s the best kind of job satisfaction you’ll ever find.”

“I am inspired by how selfless people are – caring for others who they have never met and whose story they may never know.  But yet they give generously to make the situation of others better.  I have so much respect for those who act to make the world a better place.  In the end it’s all that matters.”