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The lives and hearts touched, choices made, actions taken… all are contributions to our life’s legacy.” 

— Allison (Allie) Young

What is a legacy? The Oxford English Dictionary defines legacy as the “long-lasting impact of particular events and actions that took place in the past, or of a person’s life.” The great Andy Warhol said that “the idea is not to live forever; but to create something that will.” 

Legacy isn’t only to be considered in the twilight years of our lives. You and I are living our legacies right now. The lives and hearts touched, choices made, actions taken… all are contributions to our life’s legacy. 

When I read through this edition of Foundations, I am inspired by the powerful legacies built by people in our community. People like Dr. Doug Cochrane, Chair of the Board of Directors for Interior Health, whose passing earlier this year was met both with profound grief and deep reverence. Over his decades long career, Dr. Cochrane had an unforgettable impact on health care. His gentle and compassionate leadership was a true inspiration to so many, including me.

Legacies are so often kept alive by a family’s commitment to building upon the work of their predecessors. There is the beautiful story of the Gorman family, and a daughter’s wish to continue her father’s legacy with a very special contribution to the endowment he established many years ago. Consider also the legacy that began with Joe and Anna Huber, and their children’s, deep‑rooted commitment to hospitality, which continues to extend to hundreds of families every year at JoeAnna’s House

You will read about a young man whose life was saved by the legacy built by you and many others through the investment in the cardiac program at KGH. The Varette’s lost their beloved son to a heart attack in 2017. SAVE BC is part of their living legacy to help prevent cardiovascular events in men and women under the age of 55. Similarly, we share the ongoing impact of the Eger-Blenk family’s commitment to changing the experience for young people at risk of mental health challenges. 

Lastly, there is the impact of a person’s choice to bravely share their story in order to influence the legacies we are building together within our communities. Legacies like better health care. Time and again we see that when one shares their story, it has a powerful ripple effect, connecting us to one another and inspiring action towards a better future for all.

Legacies. What will yours be?

In gratitude,

Allie Young
CEO, KGH Foundation

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