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"A sustainable system will need not only physical equipment, but also the clinicians and leaders to guide how best to explore new horizons of care. Community and patient engagement can help us identify perceived areas of need and ensure that we always focus on a patient centered care model. "

Dr. Kathryn Brown, IH Medical Director, Cardiology

It’s Closer to home than you think…

Every year thousands of cardiac patients in the southern interior of BC experience acute complications and conditions. Thanks to philanthropy, KGH is home to a fully operational cardiac centre that is equipped with some of the most advanced technology and surgical suites in the country. With a talented team of cardiac surgeons and interventional cardiologists, regional cardiac patients receive world-class care, right here at KGH. From heart arrhythmias to cardiac arrest, patients stay close to home for advanced procedures and care.

As our population grows and ages, the demand for these critical cardiac services increases, highlighting the need to expand capacity and reduce wait times. To continue offering exceptional patient-centered cardiac care, ongoing investment in KGH’s cardiac program is essential for its expansion and the integration of innovative practices.

World-Class Cardiac Care, Right Here at KGH

The KGH Foundation is committed to invest in expansion and innovation within KGH’s existing, world-class cardiac program to increase capacity, integrate technology, and reduce patient wait times. This includes the acquisition of a state-of-the art equipment and infrastructure expansion as well as the establishment of the Cardiac Care Innovation Fund.

"Continuing the momentum of community support is critical to KGH becoming a true medical centre of excellence providing world class patient care, participation in cutting edge research, training the next generation of physicians and providing leadership to the rest of the province. By striving for excellence and having the support of the community, our local hospital will be truly exceptional."

Dr. Christopher Lane - Medical Director, IH Heart Rhythm Services


Patients cared for in the KGH Cath Lab each year (average)


Cardiac surgeries performed each year (average)


Device procedures (since inception in November 2020)


Electrophysiology (EP) procedures (since inception in November 2020)

Innovation Spotlight

Innovation in Cardiac Care & Early Detection


Inspired by the sudden loss of their son to a heart attack, Cam Kourany and Sharon Varette provided a gift that helped establish SAVE BC.

The Study to Avoid cardioVascular Events in British Columbia (SAVE BC) program aims to identify and support individuals at risk of premature cardiovascular disease through early detection, intervention, and education. By focusing on those with a family history of early heart disease, SAVE BC strives to prevent future cardiac events and improve heart health across British Columbia.


Dr. Frank Halperin, Medical Director of Cardiology, KGH


Dr. Frank Halperin, Cardiologist at KGH, saw an opportunity to detect and monitor heart problems earlier and facilitated the introduction of ECG technology into ambulances so diagnostics could be performed enroute to the hospital.

The Cardiac Innovation Fund will be managed through the newly established Centre for Health Systems Learning and Innovation, providing a more structured and accessible channel for life-saving ideas like these to be explored and implemented for many years to come.

Equipment and Infrastructure

Your gift to cardiac care will be directed towards the acquisition of cutting-edge equipment, technology, and instruments to enhance patient care at KGH.  Here are some examples of the vital equipment cardiac care funds have and will support:

  • Balloon Pump: an artificial “heart assist” device required to support cardiac patients who have depressed or failing heart function, or to support higher risk cardiac procedures. It can be used to bridge patients to their surgery or to assist their heart function while they are recovering.
  • Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) Machine: supplies oxygenated blood to patients with failing hearts and lungs using a blood pump and oxygenator. KGH is the only site in IH that provides ECMO support, which is utilized for life-saving measures when all other available medical therapies have been exhausted.
  • Heart Function Clinic (HFC) Patient Education Videos: the development of educational videos for regional heart failure patients to view throughout their care journey. The series of short clips will focus on alleviating anxiety and stress by informing patients about heart failure and the supports available to help them manage their condition, the role of the clinic and the care team, and the purpose of their visit.
  • Cardiac Critical Care Units: to expand bed space and enhance cardiac critical care services at KGH, four shelled rooms – two in the Cardiac Surgery Intensive Care Unit (CSICU) and two in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (CICU) – have been outfitted with life-saving equipment to operationalize the space. This initiative aims to increase cardiac surgery volumes in order to address the rising demands of the cardiac critical care patient population at KGH. It is anticipated that this expansion will improve accessibility in cardiac care for our region’s patients, with capacity increasing by 67%. All four shelled rooms have now been completed and are serving patients from across the region. 
Cardiac Care Innovation Fund

The focus on innovation is critical to empower our Cardiac team to further advance the outstanding care they provide. Through exploring new ideas and improving efficiencies, we can continue to raise the bar for the delivery of patient care. The Cardiac Care Innovation Fund is dedicated to supporting this pursuit of excellence by allocating resources towards the discovery of innovative solutions and the identification of opportunities for quality improvement. This strategic focus will not only enhance patient experiences but also improve health outcomes, ensuring that our cardiac services continue to elevate the world-class care they provide, right here at home.

Double Your Impact

A gift to support innovation offers the benefit of unlocking a matching contribution from the Jim Pattison Foundation to support the Centre for Health System Learning & Innovation which will hold an important role in advancing this work.

Help us bring innovative solutions to health care in the Southern Interior and double your impact today.

This Centre, in partnership with Interior Health and the KGH Foundation, promises to revolutionize the landscape of health care innovation in BC’s interior.

It is the first of its kind with a unique focus on rural, remote, Indigenous, and community health care. It aims to be a virtual network connecting innovators, clinical teams, researchers, patients and families, and community partners. Together, we will create research-based solutions that tackle the diverse and complex health care challenges facing our communities.


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