From 2019

Edmonton and Peace River based businessman, Marshall Eliuk, has given $1.4 million to complete the KGH Foundation’s $7 million campaign to bring advanced heart rhythm services/ electrophysiology (EP) to Kelowna General Hospital, the regional hub for Interior Health’s Cardiac Sciences program.

Every year, hundreds of patients from across the interior of British Columbia suffer urgent, life-threatening complications arising from conditions associated with abnormal heart rhythms or cardiac arrhythmia.  In all cases, they must wait for a bed to become available at a hospital in the Lower Mainland or Vancouver Island.

Only a few months ago, the campaign to bring EP to KGH was sitting at $5.6 million. The majority of the funds were raised in just 8 months, including over $1 million raised on the KGH Foundation’s Day of Giving.  However, with $1.4 million still to go, the KGH Foundation hoped that a final public appeal this fall would help close the gap.

Having experienced a cardiac incident several years ago, when Mr. Eliuk learned how much remained to be funded, he swiftly decided to complete the campaign with a single gift of $1.4 million, effectively ensuring that Kelowna will become a full-service cardiac centre for the southern interior of B.C.

By the fall of 2020, the Marshall Eliuk Cardiac Interventional and Advanced Heart Rhythm Program will be fully operational at Kelowna General. Patients requiring advanced heart rhythm services will no longer have to travel to Vancouver or Victoria for treatment.

In Alberta, Marshall Eliuk is a highly regarded, successful, self-made businessman, known for his unwavering willingness to help and share with others. He’s a man who highly values his

customers, partners and employees, demonstrated over his past 55+ years in businesses operating throughout Alberta.

This is Mr. Eliuk’s first gift to KGH.  But he is no stranger to health care philanthropy.

Marshall Eliuk gave the largest single donation to Canadian Blood Services to help establish cord blood/ stem cell banks in Canada; one in Ottawa and in Edmonton. These facilities collect, analyze and freeze stem cell taken from cord blood to be used for future stem cell transplants. The Edmonton facility is named the Marshall Eliuk Center in honour of his contributions. Eliuk also gave a significant gift to fund improvements and research to the University Hospital at Edmonton’s Hematology ward, now named the Marshall Eliuk Clinical Innovation and Exemplary Care Ward.

“I have experienced much success throughout my life. I whole-heartedly believe in giving back to support the communities we live in,” said Mr. Eliuk. “And I’m a grateful patient myself. It gives me great joy to know that this gift will ensure heart rhythm patients can access the life-saving care they need, right here at KGH.”

“We are deeply grateful to Mr. Eliuk for stepping forward to help bring EP to KGH, a cause that this community has clearly demonstrated is very important to them,” said Doug Rankmore, CEO of the KGH Foundation.  “This is a remarkable gift, and closes a campaign that so many have literally held very close to their hearts.”

Indeed, the significance of completing the Cardiac Sciences program at KGH cannot be overstated.

“This is a historical moment,” said Dr. Frank Halperin, Medical Director of Interior Health’s Cardiac Science Program.  “We are so proud of the high quality service the cardiac program already provides. Now, with the addition of advanced heart rhythm services/ electrophysiology, our program is complete and we can fully serve our community.”

“We are truly grateful to Mr. Eliuk and the entire community of donors who have made bringing electrophysiology to KGH possible.”