The Legacy Behind JoeAnna’s House

JoeAnna’s House – A Legacy of Kindness and Generosity

JoeAnna’s House is the culmination of vision and intention of the Huber family of Kelowna.

Josef (Joe) and Anna Huber settled their family in the Okanagan in the 1960’s.  Joe, a cabinetmaker, earned distinction with his early employers for his unyielding work ethic and social nature.  He was promoted quickly, becoming a skilled carpenter and building contractor, and eventually purchased his first motel in Penticton, BC.

Joe was a man of deep faith, passionate and likeable.

His wife, Anna, was known for her generosity.  She was an amazing cook and a natural hostess.  The door of the Huber home was always open.  Anna was a humble woman, infinitely compassionate, gentle but strong.

The Huber family’s impact both in the Okanagan and across British Columbia is perhaps little known.  They developed hotels and resorts in small communities where full service hospitality properties were needed, and provided great benefit to the local economies.  In support of the Catholic Diocese, Joe created an unprecedented building program of churches, rectories, meeting halls and schools that brought communities together and enhanced the lives of thousands.  Together, he and Anna would live at the building sites, managing the projects from start to finish.

With all family members contributing to their early endeavors in the hospitality industry, Joe and Anna’s four children felt very blessed to build a life that would allow them to serve others.

Joining his father in the family business, their son Joe, Jr. would lead the development of Prestige Hotels and Resorts throughout British Columbia.

In the end, despite the success of their hotel business, Joe Sr. and Anna were ultimately known for their legacy of kindness and giving. They had always taught of the importance of giving back and of the unparalleled value of a loving home.  Their children, Ilse, Ingrid, Hilde, and Joe wished to honour their parents’ legacy by building a home away from home for families when they need it most.

JoeAnna’s House is the manifestation of a deeper understanding of what it means to be family, of the responsibility that we have as a community to take care of one another, especially during hard times.

With their giving spirit in mind, and to demonstrate kindness and caring for others, the Huber family is proud to honour Joe and Anna’s legacy by partnering with the KGH Foundation to build JoeAnna’s House.

“There are two things I’ve always asked of my children; to work hard, and to treat others with kindness.”

~Josef Huber Sr., Founder of Prestige Hotels & Resorts

JoeAnna’s House

The KGH Foundation committed to raising $8 million to build JoeAnna’s House, a home away from home that will keep families together when they need it the most. In 2020 the doors to JoeAnna’s House opened.



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