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Atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease has long been a leading cause of death in North America. By creating a program for families with premature atherosclerotic CVD, and conducting new research on the genetic characteristics of the disease, we can improve our understanding of the biological causes of atherosclerotic CVD. Now, we’re inviting you to join us for a forum tailored specifically to physicians and clinicians to deepen the understanding and clinical approaches to CVD prevention. 

This forum is an opportunity not only to learn but to ask questions and engage directly with specialists. There is also a public forum prior to the clinician forum that you are welcome to attend. 


April 16, 7-9 PM

Curious Cafe, 1423 Ellis Street (Virtual Option Available)

Dive deep into the heart of cardiac care at our Clinician Forum, a session crafted for healthcare professionals seeking to expand their knowledge and practice in atherosclerotic CVD prevention. This interactive evening will cover:

Advanced Screening Techniques: Explore the latest in early detection methods.

Case Studies: Learn from real-life successes in prevention and intervention.

Q&A with Experts: Discuss challenges and share best practices in cardiac care.

  • Dinner & wine provided.


The goal of the study is to identify and screen patients with premature atherosclerotic CVD (ages 50 years and younger for males and ages 55 years and younger for females), in addition to their first-degree relatives. Previous research has established that these first-degree relatives are at high risk, however, they may not always be identified or adequately screened in BC. By identifying and intervening in this high-risk group, it is likely possible to significantly reduce the burden of premature atherosclerotic CVD in BC, while discovering a great deal about the determinants of this disease.

“The goal of SAVE BC is to enable the identification of novel disease markers and predictors, and ultimately, inform preventative and therapeutic opportunities for patients and families across BC.”

Dr. Frank Halperin, Medical Director of Cardiology, SAVE BC Principal Investigator - Kelowna

Between 500-1000 people in BC are diagnosed with premature atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease every year.
Cardiovascular disease takes a life in Canada every 7 seconds.
Close relatives of these patients are up to 10x more likely to develop atherosclerotic CVD.

Funding SAVE BC

SAVE BC is dependent on philanthropy to continue its mission to prevent premature cardiovascular disease through education, research, and early intervention. Each donation, no matter the size, helps to reach more individuals at risk, providing them with the knowledge and tools necessary for early detection and a healthier future.

Your Donation Funds:

  • Education and Awareness: Increases public knowledge about heart disease risks and prevention.
  • Research: Supports ongoing studies to find new ways to identify and treat at-risk individuals.
  • Community Programs: Funds initiatives that offer support and information directly to those in need.

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