PCR Important in COVID-19 Response

PCR Important in Covid-19 Response

Two years ago, thanks to the generosity of a gentleman named Colin Pritchard, the microbiology lab at KGH acquired a second set of Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) technologies, after the first was gifted by Mr. Pritchard in 2016. These highly advanced diagnostic instruments allow KGH microbiologists to detect and identify viruses faster than ever before. 

Dr. Amanda Wilmer is a KGH Medical Microbiologist & Discipline Director for IH Medical Microbiology.  She explains, “When we received the PCR technology, we couldn’t have known that we would be facing a global pandemic just a few years later. Without PCR technology at KGH, we would not have any capacity for COVID-19 testing in Interior Health, and would continue to wait for long periods of time for results, which isn’t good for patients or infection control in the hospital. 

“There is not a single day that goes by that we in the lab are not grateful for the support of the community.  I hope people know it’s making a difference. I hope they know it is saving lives today and will continue to save lives in the future.” – Dr. Amanda Wilmer

“The impact of giving to support KGH right now will actually go beyond COVID-19,” says KGH Foundation CEO, Doug Rankmore. “The COVID-19 Response Fund allows us to be responsive and nimble to our hospitals’ areas of greatest need, as they emerge. The fund will also help ensure our doctors, nurses and staff have the resources and equipment they need to deliver the highest quality care to all KGH patients, during and in the after-math of this world-wide pandemic.”

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