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Making Lemonade

There’s something truly magical, maybe even nostalgic, about a cold, refreshing glass of lemonade on a hot, Okanagan summer day. The only thing that can beat that first sip is the sweetness of knowing it’s for a worthy cause.

On a sun-kissed Saturday in June 2022, the inaugural Good Lemonade Day was held in support of JoeAnna’s House. Families from nooks and Cranbrooks across the province joined together to host more than seventy lemonade stands in fifteen different communities.

Winter Wonderland

Experience the magic of Winter Wonderland at JoeAnna’s House, a community event that raised $61,000 to keep families together.

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Making Lemonade

A fundraiser for JoeAnna’s House is helping to bring communities together, with a tart and tasty twist. Learn more about Good Lemonade Day.

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