Donor Spotlight: Glen Jackson

Board Director, Glen Jackson

What inspired you to become a monthly donor to the KGH Foundation?

“I feel incredibly fortunate to live in Kelowna, where we have access to top-tier facilities like Kelowna General Hospital (KGH). I understand that to maintain this level of excellence, the hospital relies on donations from the community to fund essential needs not covered by the government. By becoming a monthly donor, I contribute to ensuring that KGH remains a first-class hospital without having to think about it constantly. The automatic monthly donations are convenient and help maintain a steady flow of contributions. Plus, I can still make additional contributions annually. My family and I have used the hospital’s services, and we are grateful to have such a facility in our community.”

Can you share a specific experience or story that highlights why you continue to support the foundation?

“As a board member and part of the finance committee, I have seen firsthand the incredible impact that charitable contributions have on KGH. From improvements in facilities to the purchase of new equipment, these donations significantly enhance the hospital’s environment. The KGH Foundation is forward-thinking in its fundraising approaches and collaborates closely with Interior Health and hospital doctors to plan future projects with funding in mind. It’s gratifying to see how our contributions directly impact the local hospital.”

What would you say to someone considering becoming a monthly donor to the KGH Foundation?

Becoming a monthly donor is a very easy process. You only need to sign up once on the website and provide your information. You’ll receive receipts annually, making it simple to manage. Giving to a cause close to my heart brings immense satisfaction. Even small monthly donations add up to create a significant collective impact. As your circumstances change, you can adjust the amount you contribute. Some people might think that only large donations make a difference, but even smaller contributions are incredibly beneficial. I encourage everyone to consider monthly giving – it’s straightforward, impactful, and deeply fulfilling.”

Since 1978, the KGH Foundation has worked with a generous community to raise funds to support world-class health care close to home for a rapidly expanding and diverse population in the B.C. Interior. Today, the KGH Foundation is the lead fundraising organization for Kelowna General Hospital and its associated facilities, JoeAnna’s House and Central Okanagan Hospice House.

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