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Together, we can reduce the devastating impact of stroke.

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Every Moment Matters

A Campaign to Support Advanced Stroke Care in the Southern Interior of BC

“In a stroke, every second is important. All those moments that are so precious with your loved ones, they are slipping away with every second that goes by. Every moment matters.” – Dr. Alexsander Tkach, Vascular Neurologist, Medical Director Interior Health Stroke Network

Last year, over 1,500 patients and families experienced stroke. A stroke is an abrupt loss of brain fuction caused by a sudden blood vessel blockage or rupture in the brain. It can happen at any age, in both men and women.

The grim reality of stroke is sobering; it is still the leading cause of long-term disability in adults and the third leading cause of death in BC.  Every year, the numbers are growing.

The KGH Foundation has committed to raising $8 million to support a revolutionary, comprehensive advanced stroke care plan that will radically transform treatment for patients living in the southern interior of BC.

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When every moment matters, we can be ready. To drive excellence in stroke care in our region, we must work together. Help bring advanced stroke are to the southern interior.

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IH Advanced Stroke Care Plan

The campaign promises to touch ALL stages of the stroke care continuum, from onset to rehabilitation, research and prevention. The comprehensive nature of this approach to stroke care is truly the first of its kind in BC. LEARN MORE

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The Impact of Stroke

"Mark's stroke came out of nowhere. Within seconds he went from being a health, active, fun-loving husband and father to literally fighting for his life. Thankfully he survived. But that was just the beginning."

Giving Changes Everything.

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