Through Your Organization

If you’re an employee of the Interior Health Authority then you’re probably already aware that you can give a charitable donation to KGH Foundation directly and automatically by payroll deduction. Every pay period the payroll department makes the deduction according to your instructions. At year end, the accumulated charitable tax benefit will appear on your T4 statement so an actual charitable tax receipt isn’t required.

Many organizations also offer matching gift programs for donations or volunteer hours.  Check with your employer to see if you can double your impact!

And don’t forget you can always get your coworkers together and host an event or even just fundraise online as a team.  Maybe get your boss in on it with a challenge like if you raise $1,000 they have to get a pie in the face.  You could host a jeans day, launch a hot lunch program, or social event.  The possibilities are endless and our online fundraising pages make it quick & easy.

IH Payroll Deduction Form