Miller Family

“In a span of nine months, I had beaten two types of cancer due to the quick responses of my surgeons. This time, I was given the all clear.”

One month after Bruce Miller was diagnosed with colon cancer, the tumours in his colon and lymph nodes were successfully removed. Unfortunately, during that surgery it was discovered he also had liver cancer and would need to return to the operating room.

Mary & Dean Miller were impressed by their son Bruce’s care at KGH, the hospital that Mary was born in and worked in for many years. They were so inspired that they were moved to make a special donation to the KGH Foundation in support of buying much needed equipment.  “Bruce never had to leave home which was a great help and we are so very appreciative of the medical care here. The care was excellent and now we pray that he is always cancer free!” explains Mary.

“My prognosis is excellent; I’ve had a series of scans and get blood work done every three months and so far so good. I take it one day at a time. I keep living a good life.”