Lincoln ‘Little Fighter’ Santano

It was December 26, 2019, Boxing Day, when Lincoln ‘Little Fighter’ Santano made an unexpected, early entry into the world at Kelowna General Hospital. He was a long way from home.

His mother, Natalie was quickly transported to KGH from their hometown in Creston, BC so Lincoln could receive the specialized care he needed. He was born nine weeks early, and would remain in the Neonatal Care Unit at KGH for 44 days.

“I was emotionally overwhelmed,” explains Natalie. “I needed to be with Lincoln. And my other children needed me too. My husband had to work and was carrying all the responsibilities at home. I was worried about Lincoln and I missed my family.” 

JoeAnna’s House changed everything.

This spring, our health system has been challenged like never before. The threat of COVID-19 arrived like a freight train. Yet, even in the midst of one of the greatest medical challenges our region has ever faced, tiny, pre-term babies just like Lincoln are being born. Beloved grandfathers are suffering strokes. Heart attacks and car accidents do not yeild for blogal pandemics.

JoeAnna’s House has remained open during COVID-19 to support young mothers like Natalie and ensure the families of patients hailing from outside the central interior can stay close to their loved ones while they are receiving care at KGH.

Keeping the doors to JoeAnna’s House open during COVID-19 and beyond is critical to supporting families from across the southern interior. Continued operations rely on the generosity of our community – families supporting families when they need it most.

With your help, JoeAnna’s House can continue to provide this much needed resource for regional families. A home away from home. A place of respite. An opportunity to connect with others who are traveling a similar, difficult path.