KGH Foundation COVID-19 Updates

** Updated April 20, 2020

Dear friends,
It is important that you know a gift to the KGH Foundation is, and will always be, a gift to support local health care.
Your acts of support for our local hospital these past few weeks are gratefully received. In the midst of COVID-19, Kelowna General Hospital is, after all, still a hospital – a centre of excellence for acute care in the southern interior, serving a myriad of critical care needs in our community every single day. Tiny, pre-term babies are still being born. Beloved grandfathers are still suffering strokes. Heart attacks and car accidents do not yield for global pandemics.
In the coming days, you may hear about a national campaign to support front line health care workers. Organized by our colleagues from a small cohort of urban based hospital foundations largely in Ontario and Quebec, their goal is to rally Canadians to raise millions in support of COVID-19 response. While we (KGH) are listed as a partner, the disbursement of funds raised, as with most national campaigns, follows the population. Funds raised in B.C. will stay in the province but will be allocated by proportion of ICU beds, the majority of which are in the lower mainland.
Now, more than ever, we remain humbled by your generosity and the impact you have on supporting the men and women on our frontline every day, right here at KGH. Thank you for your trust. We are doing the right things in B.C. and the Interior.
Stay well.


**Updated March 27, 2020

Amidst all the changes of these past few weeks, we have asked ourselves, ‘what can we do?’ We know you feel the same.  The answer is simple – it’s the currency that we’ve dealt in together from the very beginning.  Gratitude.

Our doctors, nurses and health care workers are making tremendous personal sacrifices, leaving their families, loved ones and their homes, for our community. Now is the time for us to show our gratitude. They need our encouragement and support.

The White Heart Project is our invitation to you, and the community, to show a consolidated message of support to our health care workers – an opportunity for us to bring your messages of gratitude to the front-line caregivers at KGH and a way for all of us to collectively show our gratitude from our homes and neighbourhoods.  You can choose to send a message of support to health care staff; show your gratitude by displaying a white heart on the door or window of your home; or share photos and messages on social media using #whiteheartproject and #whiteheartsforkgh hastags.

 For a printable white heart download and/ or to send a message, visit

We have also been receiving many inquiries and gifts from our donor community wishing to support the hospital’s COVID-19 response efforts.  During this time we are working closely with Interior Health, KGH and our partners in healthcare to help address any rising concerns that result from the Covid-19 pandemic. It is difficult to know how the coming weeks and months will impact our hospital and community, but know we are committed to ensuring your support will help us be nimble in addressing the areas of greatest need during this time. Learn more. 


**Updated March 18, 2020

Amidst the global response to the COVID-19 outbreak, Canadian federal and provincial health ministries and public health authorities are taking action to slow its continued spread.

As an organization, the Foundation is fundamentally committed to advancing the health and well-being of all who call this region home.  Therefore;

In consideration for our donors,  Foundation staff, KGH staff and patients, the Foundation has closed our offices at Kelowna General Hospital effective March 17, 2020. 

Please be assured, we continue our important work to engage the community to positively impact healthcare in the interior of British Columbia.

KGH Foundation staff continue to serve our community through virtual meetings and can be reached by phone and email. And while, for now, we are unable to take donations in person, gifts can be made online at or by cheque via Canada Post.

We are taking all precautions to do our part. The Perking Lot, The Royal Bistro, Rutland Thrift Shop and Hospital Gift Shop (General Mercantile), are closed until further notice.

JoeAnna’s House remains open and committed to helping families who need a place to stay to be close to their loved ones receiving care at Kelowna General Hospital. We are taking every precaution we can to ensure our guests’ health and safety. Therefore, we have taken immediate, proactive measures for our staff and our guests, including additional guest screening questions related to COVID-19 symptoms, recent travel and enhanced cleaning procedures. Anyone who has travelled by air in the last 14 days will be not be permitted to stay at this time.

For more information or for any questions, reach out to us.

We remain humbly, at your service.

Stay well,

Doug Rankmore

CEO, KGH Foundation