Giving Giggles Campaign Wrap-Up/Jaclyn’s Story

At 33 weeks pregnant, Jaclyn Robertson went into labour. The next six weeks spent in KGH’s brand new Neonatal Intensive Care Unit would change her life forever.

Thanks to the incredible generosity of this community of donors, premature Baby Indy was kept warm, even when his mother’s body was no longer his home. He was nourished in a comfortable position, skin to skin with his mommy or daddy in a specially constructed chair. His vitals were monitored around the clock from a centralized location, alerting nurses and doctors at the tiniest inconsistency.

Baby Indy was kept alive, nursed to health and is now an active, thriving baby boy, all thanks to equipment and comfort items provided through your donations … to the tune of $3.2 million! Wow. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

More about Giving Giggles

The fundraising campaign was launched in 2015, six months prior to the Unit’s opening on March 6, 2016. Now, one year open, upwards of 1600 babies born, and $3 million raised – KGH’s Perinatal Unit is the most advanced in the Southern Interior Region. The hospital is rated level 2b, meaning it can safely care for premature infants born up to 10 weeks early.

The campaign funds will go towards state-of-the-art equipment and patient care items not otherwise provided through government funding, such as:

Giraffe Infant Warmer
Reduces the need to move or disturb fragile premature babies by providing both incubating and warming technology.

Wireless Fetal Monitors
Allows expectant mothers to move freely during labour while successfully monitoring infant’s vital signs.

Central Monitoring for NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit)
All babies are monitored continuously at a central station.

HUGGS Security System

Ensuring babies are safe and unable to leave the unit without full knowledge of nursing staff.

Kangaroo Chairs

Comfortably breastfeed or provide healing skin-to-skin contact with precious newborns or fragile preemies.


For more information, please visit our campaign page