Cavitron US

In the words of Dr. Edward Solano, General Surgeon at KGH, “My job, by its very nature, is to help people.  When I stop to think about it, I do find it very rewarding in that respect.”

He was voted #1 in Kelowna by past patients and their family members.  An impressive feat given that he has a full and busy life outside of the OR.  After a long day at KGH, he goes home to his wife and four kids.

Dr. Solano’s main areas of focus are on cancers of the liver and pancreas.  Liver cancer is one of the fastest rising of all cancers in Canada with over 2,000 new cases reported annually.  Surgery remains the most effective form of treatment.

“Many new programs have developed and advances are occurring naturally in surgery – all of which improve patient care,” explains Solano.  “The new facility is going to help us deliver those services but we require the tools to do the job.”

Early in 2015, the KGH Foundation reached out to the community on behalf of Dr. Solano with the hopes of acquiring one such piece, the Cavitron Ultrasound System. The Cavitron is used for procedures where fragmentation, emulsification and aspiration of soft and hard tissue are required.  The system gives surgeons the power, precision, and control needed for selective dissection of tumours.

Dr. Solano explains how the equipment is used in liver cancer procedures:

“It’s like a large pen and the very tip moves up and down very quickly.  Doing so actually creates shockwaves and fragments the targeted tissue.  Compared to the traditional techniques, the Cavitron Ultrasound is a much more elegant way to operate.  It disperses liver cells so I can see the individual blood vessels and bile ducts and I can control them better with a clip or stitch resulting in a lot less bleeding.”

Essentially, the Cavitron Ultrasound gets the job done right the first time.

Dr. Solano explains, “I find my job very rewarding but donating to a cause like this would be even more so.  Hopefully we won’t need the services of the hospital too frequently, but your donation will help to ensure it’s fully equipped.”

And the community responded. Thanks to your generosity, the necessary funds were raised; Dr. Solano received his Cavitron Ultrasound System and KGH continues to provide the best care possible for you and your loved ones.