Honour Someone Special Who Has Brought Light to Your Life

Every day in communities across the southern interior of British Columbia, thousands of families’ lives are impacted by the need for urgent or specialized medical care at Kelowna General Hospital. Because you give, the highest quality of patient care is possible, right here at KGH, and with it, the hope, relief, comfort and peace so desperately needed in difficult times.

Indeed, so often, it is the people – the unsung heroes of our lives – that truly make the biggest difference.  A special caregiver; perhaps a nurse, doctor, clinician, or maybe a friend, family member or neighbour – who has gone above and beyond to help us feel better.

These people, we call them Luminaries – those who bring light to a dark place, or help us find our way. 

Which is why, during this traditional season of giving, we are proud to offer you a way to recognize your own Luminary, in honour of someone special who has brought light to your life.

Your gift will support the most urgent needs in our hospital, ensuring everyone in our community gets the kind of care we all deserve. As our region continues to grow, there is an ongoing need for critical equipment and services that are not readily available with existing resources.