Critical/Urgent Care

Critical/Urgent Care

Critical Care Endowment

Income generated used to support Critical Care Services; trauma, intensive care and critical cardiology services. May be used to purchase medical instruments and equipment for the Critical Care Unit at KGH as well as items for the care and comfort of critical care patients.

Ogden Endowment

Income generated to support critical care services; trauma, intensive care and critical cardiology services, at Kelowna General Hospital in conjunction with the Critical Care Endowment Fund maintained by the Foundation. Founded by Mrs. Helen Clair Ogden through her estate, primarily as a memorial tribute to her late husband, Edwin Walter Ogden.

Prior to Ed’s death in 2003, he and Helen came to a mutual decision that they would like to use a portion of their joint estates to assist in the important cause of finding a cure for the various lung diseases from which they both suffered. As well, the couple wished to provide assistance to others in their adopted community of Kelowna, struggling with the same diseases. They chose to leave gifts through their estates to both the Kelowna General Hospital Foundation and the BC Lung Association to reflect their desire to make a difference in this vital area of health care.

Patient Emergency Support and Comfort Endowment (AKA the ANGEL Fund)

To provide emergency funding for the care and comfort of patients of the Kelowna General Hospital. Examples of appropriate funding would include emergency transportation, personal hygiene items, rental or purchase of equipment (crutches, wheelchairs, canes, and the like). No tobacco or alcohol are appropriate. If there is a remaining balance, undistributed money may be designated for furnishings or equipment which would clearly provide overall comfort or benefit to patients of an area of care or unit.