Clinical Care

Clinical Care

This area provides support for patient care needs in areas of ambulatory care and rehabilitation medicine.  Funds may be used for patient care and comforts, medical equipment, laboratory equipment, diagnostic imaging, clinical training and other critical needs. Clinical care also provides support in specialty areas including: gastroenterology (the digestive systems and its disorders), neurology (all conditions and diseases involving the central and peripheral nervous system), and ophthalmology (diseases of the eye).

When you give you can select an area of service.


Arthritis Service Fund

To provide additional funds for enhancing the care and the education of arthritis patients and for the ongoing education of the staff dedicated to Kelowna General Hospital’s Affiliate Arthritis Program.

Kidney Care/Dialysis Unit Fund

To purchase equipment and patient comforts for the treatment, care and education of patients in the Regional Renal Program.  This program provides a variety of dialysis services to patients throughout the Okanagan valley – through dialysis clinics maintained in Rutland, Vernon and at the Kelowna General Hospital.  Donations to this Fund may also be used to provide support for other dialysis services and renal programs within the general referral area of KGH.

MS Clinic Fund

To provide funds for the care and comfort of patients needing the services of the Kelowna General Hospital’s MS Clinic, for the operations and equipment needs of the Clinic and for the educational needs of the Clinic’s staff and patients.

Orthopedic Fund

To provide funds for orthopaedic research, education and equipment not currently being funded through regular government sources.

Rehabilitation Services Fund

To purchase equipment and provide support for the Rehabilitation Centre at Kelowna General Hospital including physiotherapy services, speech therapy, rehabilitation nursing, orthotics, prosthetics and the therapeutic pool.  Donations to this Fund may also be used to provide support for other rehabilitation services and programs within the general referral area of KGH.

Thoracic/Respiratory Fund

To enhance thoracic services in the B.C. Interior, including the diagnosis and treatment of respiratory diseases, the acquisition of thoracic surgical and respiratory equipment, foster research and education of thoracic disease which may include studies in basic science and applied surgical treatments for general respiratory disorders including pulmonary malignant tumours, lung cancer, infectious lung diseases and irreversible progressive lung diseases.