Children’s Care

Children’s Care

Adolescent Psychiatry Endowment

Income generated used to support adolescent psychiatry services, both facilities and programs within the referral area of the Kelowna General Hospital and the support of the Adolescent Psychiatric Unit at KGH.

Children’s Health Endowment

Income generation used to support children’s health services and facilities in the Central Okanagan including: community programs; the Children’s Health Centre; the nursery in obstetrics ward at KGH. May be used to: purchase items for the care and comfort of infants and other pediatric patients, including: pediatric surgical instruments and equipment, items needed for the pediatric oncology section of the Children’s Health Centre, and any other equipment and comforts needed in the care and treatment of children. May also be applied to fund health promotion programs, prevention initiatives, and education costs where the focus is children’s health and well-being.

Dr. Walter Anderson Memorial Endowment

In honour of Dr. Walter Anderson’s lifelong contribution to the field of medicine and his considerable commitment towards providing medical services to the individuals within the Kelowna community. For many years this fund will provide for much needed support for pre-and post natal care within the Kelowna General Hospital.

Sean Almond Memorial Endowment

Income generated to purchase diagnostic equipment, surgical instruments, or other medical equipment and patient comforts for the treatment and care of pediatric and newborn patients at the Kelowna General Hospital. More specifically, income earned by the Almond Endowment may be used to support the Children’s Health Centre, the Adolescent Psychiatric Unit, the Maternity Ward nursery and other areas within KGH involved in the care and treatment of pediatric patients. Income earned by the Almond Endowment may also be used to provide support for other health care programs and services directed towards children’s health within the general referral area of KGH.

Founded by Gordon and Catherine Almond as a memorial tribute to their deceased son, Sean Almond. Sean had a wonderful talent for helping others throughout his life and the Sean Almond Memorial Endowment will carry on this tradition in his name.

Sean Colin Almond – a son, a brother,
A friend to all – a beautiful person.