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My Name is Finnegan.

I live with anxiety and depression. But I am Not Alone.

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Two simple words, but to one in five youth struggling with mental illness and addiction, they are so powerful. NOT ALONE is a beacon of light in a dark space. Wrapping our young people and families in the support they need, when they need it. Last year in Kelowna, over 1200 youth arrived at KGH’s Emergency Department, currently one of the few places to turn in mental health crisis. But this year, change is coming.

In collaboration with Canadian Mental Health Association Kelowna, NOT ALONE is our campaign
to raise $2 million to open Foundry Kelowna, a new integrated mental health care centre for youth and families.

Everyone knows someone.

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Youth Mental Illness in British Columbia

Nearly three times more youth die from suicide than from cancer.
25% Hospital icon
As few as 25% of youth receive the care they need.
75% of mental illnesses and substance use problems begin between the ages of 12 and 24.
1 in 5 Hands grasping each other
One in five youth in BC need help with mental health or substance abuse.
2nd Head with gears
Youth mental illness is ranked as the second highest hospital care expenditure in Canada.
Last year in Kelowna, over 1200 youth visited the KGH emergency department to get help with mental health or substance abuse.
50% Two people hugging
When presenting at KGH Emergency, over 50% of youth cited depression, anxiety, deliberate self-harm or suicide as the primary motivation for seeking help.
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Depressed youth
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Stories of Courage and Strength in the Face of Mental Illness

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Nicholas' Story

At 18 years old, Nicholas seems like the guy who’s got it all together. A pre-med student at UBC-O, talented goalie for the Okanagan Heat, good looks and a loving family. But things aren’t always as perfect as they seem.

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Sean & Jody's Story

When they realized that, at age seven, one of their twin sons was struggling with mental illness, they were prepared to do whatever it took. They found themselves navigating the most difficult terrain of their lives.

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Helen's Story

'I am a mother with lived experience. And I can assure it's not one you want to share.' A Kelowna mother's story of heartbreak in the fight against mental illness and substance use.

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