Humans of KGH

Disease, injury and medical emergencies do not yield for pandemics – and neither do your caregivers.

Over two days in early May 2020, local photographer Darren Hull took his lens behind the curtain at Kelowna General Hospital, on a mission to capture the unseen, unsung hero’s working in local health care through the COVID-19 pandemic.  Seven months later, we asked him to come back to brighten the spirits and recognize the superhero efforts of our health care staff.

These are their portraits.  In their own words, each has also shared a little bit of what it’s been like to be on the frontline during the most challenging health care crisis many of them have ever known, and how important your support continues to be.

As patients, family members, colleagues, neighbours, friends and citizens of this community, we must continue to show our gratitude. To say, ‘We still see you.  We’re still here for you.”