History & Mission

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Kelowna General Hospital was founded on philanthropy.  It opened in 1908, on land donated by the Kelowna Land & Orchards (KLO) Company, with just 19 beds and has grown exponentially to meet the needs of an ever-expanding community.

With the state-of-the-art Interior Heart & Surgical Centre, psychiatry units for youth and adults, updated medical inpatient unit in the Centennial Building, enhanced laboratory and clinical departments in the new Dr. Walter Anderson Building, a modern maternity ward, and an academic campus that serves as a satellite for the University of British Columbia Medical School, KGH has become one of BC’s leading healthcare centres.

The Interior Health Authority provides the highest level of medical care ever seen in the Interior in an integrated critical care facility supported by a full range of clinical supports closer to home and loved ones.

About the KGH Foundation

KGH-8669Since 1978 the Kelowna General Hospital Foundation has been the bridge between a generous community and its rapidly growing healthcare needs.

Working together, we’ve turned a small, regional hospital into a centre for healthcare excellence that provides critical services not only to our community, but to the 750,000 newborns, children, youth, adults and seniors throughout the Interior of BC.

Over the past forty years, our community of donors has invested over $80 million in our healthcare. Donors have entrusted the KGH Foundation with over $42 million in current assets and have grown our Endowment Fund to $18 million. Our reputation in the community is our bond. It is what sets us apart.

None of this would be possible without your tremendous generosity. Giving changes everything.

KGH Foundation Vision, Mission, Values & Goals


World class healthcare at home.
This vision describes the Foundation’s hope that world class healthcare is not the purview of large cities alone. That through innovation, technology, and commitment world class healthcare can be made available to everyone wherever they may call home. 


Catalyze the community through leadership, partnership, innovation and by challenging the status quo.
Our mission centers on our role in focusing caring and philanthropy in a unique and innovative way on the task of creating world class healthcare for everyone.

Values (EPIC)

Excellence – To be effective and impactful with our resources
Passion – Committed to our work, our partners and our community
Integrity – To serve with transparency and accountability
Compassion – To improve the well-being of our friends, our family and our neighbours
Our values speak to our commitment to demonstrate excellence, undertake our work with a driving passion, conduct ourselves with integrity in all actions, and to do so from a place of compassion and empathy.

Strategic Goals

To inspire quality in healthcare through investment in research, innovation, talent and technology.
To impact all areas of healthcare; acute care, chronic care, public health and prevention.
To create a culture of philanthropy in all healthcare settings.
To be a leader in philanthropy through collaboration. 
Our goals will guide our future actions. We will commit to a broad range of activities that touch all areas of the healthcare spectrum. We will seek to utilize new technologies and see our work through an innovation lens. And we will endeavour to earn leadership in the creation of a culture of philanthropy to transform the healthcare setting in the Interior of BC.