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Lifesaving cardiac care.

Right here at KGH.

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Stuck Here Waiting

This February, Matthew’s ICD battery began to malfunction. The lifesaving device needed to be replaced as soon as possible. With no warning, Matthew found himself at Kelowna General Hospital, confined to his room, under the constant supervision of his cardiologist. Unfortunately, the procedure Matthew required is not yet available at KGH.

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What is EP?

Electrophysiology (EP) studies the electrical activity of the heart to determine where an arrhythmia (abnormal heartbeat) is coming from. Tests must be performed in an EP Lab, a highly specialized medical diagnostic environment.

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$1.4 Million To Go in Advanced Heart Rhythm Campaign

The fundraising campaign to acquire a lifesaving cardiac specialty is nearing completion. The total amount raised is $5.6 million of the $7 million required to open the state of the art Electrophysiology lab.

Right Here at KGH

The new EP Lab at KGH will provide immediate access to life-saving therapies to over 450 heart rhythm patients per year. Not only will this acquisition further establish KGH as the ‘heart-centre’ for the interior of BC but it will keep patients in our region closer to home.

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Advanced Heart Rhythm Services

Our cardiac program rivals the best in the country. However, it is incomplete. Every year, hundreds of patients from across the BC interior suffer urgent, life-threatening complications arising from abnormal heart rhythms or cardiac arrhythmias. In all cases, patients must wait for a bed to become available in Vancouver or Victoria, then travel hundreds of kilometers from home to receive the lifesaving treatment. Together, we can change that.

Help us complete the Interior Health Cardiac Science Program. Philanthropic support is needed to fund a modern, advanced Electrophysiology (EP) Lab at KGH. The addition of such a service will complete the heart program, ensuring immediate access to lifesaving cardiac care, right here at KGH. Donate now or contact us to learn more.

Working closely with Interior Health’s Cardiac Sciences team and, with your support, our goal is to fund a state-of-the-art electrophysiology (EP) lab, right here at KGH.

Advanced Heart Rhythm Services | In The Media

The Daily Courier recently ran a story highlighting KGH’s cardiac services, as well as introducing Dr. Chris Lane.

 Read It Here.

The last in Klaudia Van Emmerik’s & Global Okanagan’s series on the cardiac program at KGH.

Watch It Here. 

World Class Cardiac Care, Right Here at KGH

  • Kelowna General Hospital is a tertiary teaching University hospital and is home to the Interior Health (IH) Cardiac Sciences Program. It is one of five cardiac centres in British Columbia and the only one east of Metro Vancouver.
  • The Cardiac Sciences Department at KGH is comprised of renowned cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, cardiac interventionists and nurse practitioners.
  • Since Sept. 2015, the Interior Heart and Surgical Centre (IHSC) which includes two, state-of-the-art, open heart surgery suites, and one hybrid operating room, has been providing world-class, specialized cardiac services from angioplasty to open heart surgery, to cardiac patients suffering from heart conditions.
  • IH heart rhythm patients who need EP can wait 2-8 weeks for a bed to become available in Vancouver or Victoria

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