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You can have a walkathon to raise money.

You can do anything to raise money for the new Perinatal Unit at KGH. Check out our online tools and create your own fundraising page today.

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The Gift of Tiny Miracles

When your baby is born pre-term, the need for the most advanced neonatal care becomes personal. The Garrison family shares their story of life within the NICU at KGH.

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Perinatal Equipment

The new Perinatal Unit needs a wide range of equipment including wireless fetal monitors, cardio respiratory monitors, NICU cribs, OB Ultrasound, blood gas analyzer and breast feeding chairs.

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Big Hearts for Little Babies

For more than 30 years, Dr. Jill Boulton has been working as a neonatologist, a subspecialty of pediatrics. Her patients are very small, and sometimes very sick. Learn more about the experience of the doctors and nurses who work in the perinatal unit at KGH.

Giving Giggles

Our success is measured in giggles. Since 1908, Kelowna General Hospital has been welcoming little bundles of joy into the world. This year we’re welcoming another arrival, a new and expanded Perinatal Unit at KGH. With your help, the KGH Foundation will raise the funds necessary to equip this new unit with state-of-the-art, lifesaving equipment, ensuring a future full of happy, healthy giggles.

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The New Perinatal Unit

The new Perinatal Unit on the 4th floor of the Interior Heart and Surgical Centre replaces the hospital’s labour and delivery unit, postpartum and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in the Strathcona Building. It features:

  • expanded patient and clinical space,
  • central neonatal monitoring,
  • new surgical suite for caesarean section deliveries,
  • single-patient post-partum rooms, and
  • an upgraded neonatal intensive care unit.

Since this new unit is under the same roof as the hospital’s new operating rooms, physicians can provide urgent cesarean section deliveries, vastly improving patient care in critical situations.

For staff and physicians, this new design greatly improve efficiency and infection control, increase privacy and isolation, and support KGH’s no restriction visitation policy. The unit contains:

  • One operating room
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (with single room options)
  • 5 labour and delivery rooms
  • One labour and delivery isolation room
  • 9 private patient rooms
  • 4 semi- private patient rooms
  • Labour assessment stretchers
  • A staff lounge
  • A family waiting room
  • A patient and family nourishment centre

The design also takes into account the need for comfort: the enhanced patient and family-centred environment and private rooms create a warm atmosphere, fostering a sense calm and well-being for new mothers and their loved ones.

There are so many ways you can help us give giggles to our most vulnerable patients, and their families.

Join the Giving Giggles campaign.

Perinatal Statistics

Hover over the icons below to learn more about the new unit and the impact your support can make.

There will be 13 inpatient rooms in the new unit including 9 private rooms to encourage patient and family-centred care
3M$ Mother holding a baby
$3 million needs to be raised to outfit the new department with the state-of-the-art equipment and furnishings required to care for babies & their families
The first 60 minutes after birth, or The Golden Hour, is critical to a child's growth & development
2B Baby in a seat
KGH's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is Level 2B which means it can care for acutely ill and premature infants born as young as 30 weeks
03/16 Silhouette of baby feet
The new perinatal department will be accepting its first patients
1,600 babies are born at KGH each year
12 Baby incubator
12 incubators are available for newborns in critical condition and require extra care & attention
Baby sleeping
Man holding a photo
Child smiling
Man carrying child on shoulders
Mayor Colin Basran is a proud #KGHkid.Read Colin's Story

Giving Changes Everything.

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