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In recognition of individuals who have donated $500 or more between April 1st 2015 - March 31st 2016:

Diane and Edward Aizen
Pat and Linda Aldous
Dora Alger
Catherine and Gord Almond 
Ove Andersen
Lee and Melissa Appleton
Dr. Leanne Armstrong
Sean and Cheryl Armstrong
Helen Arneson
Theresa Arsenault, Q.C.
Johanna Bahr
Muriel Bankowski
Brian Barkman
Richard and Patricia Bartel
Frances Barton
Ann Baxter
Ross Beebe
Gordon B. Bennett
Mary Jean Bennett
Karen and Bruce Berg
Jan Beringer
Wilfried and Sigrid Bernard
Kevin Berry and Cindy Roth
Scott Betker and Briana Hardwick
Garth and Sylvia Bishop
Eileen Borge
Rusty and Bev Bracken
Jean Brady
Doyle and  Susan Bray
Randy and Gwen Brillon
The Honorable John Brooke
Barbara Brookes
Andre and Katia Brosseau
Glen and Elizabeth Brundige
Colleen Bryce
Shirley Buchan
Gary and Agda Buckborough
Beverly Jean Busch
Caroline and Murray Bye
John and Susan Cabral
Lloyd Callahan
Dr. Donald Campbell
Grace Campbell
Susan Campbell
Dennis Capstick
Maxine Casavant
Grant Chamberlain
Mark Chambers
Dr. Catherine Clelland
Bert Cole
Helmut and Erika Colius
Kathy Conway
Bill and Charlene Corbett
Jay and Sandy Corrado
Dr. Denton and Maureen Corrigall
Donald and Barbara Craig
Ian and Lynn Craine
Terre Dalton
Bernard and Pearl Danis
Dick and Susan Dar
Roy and Val Davidson
Marion Davies
Mario DeCrescentis and Marion  Boyd
David and Kelly Demeyere
Wendy Dennett
Lionel and  Margaret Desharnais
Dr. Gary and Barbara Dickinson
Beryl Dionne
Dragoljub and Mildred Djordjevich
Drs. H. and M. Docherty 
Ryan and Kimberly Donn
Ron and Sandra Dowhaniuk
Frank and Erica Draxinger
Paul and Lynda Durose
Ralph and Elaine Durst
John and Linda Edwards
Ben and Merle Eldridge
Nettie Engbrecht
Russ Ensign and Family
Nancy and Frank Estergaard
Pat Evans
John and Wendy Falkowski
Allan Farrar
Dr. John Fennell
Robert and Marilynne Fine
Mark and Marja Fipke
Goerge and Jeanette Fish
Dick and Joanie Fletcher
Marjorie Flett
Douglas and Jean Flintoft
Yvonne Flock
Don and Karen Folk
Donald Folstad
Dr. Stephen Fort
Robert Fowler
Stephen B Fuhr 
George and Ilse Funk
Clayton and Shannon Gall
Brent and Lindsey Ganczar
Roland and Hannelore Gebauer
Gordon and Judy Geddes
Jacqueline Gilbertson
Krysta Giles-Hansen
Donald and Marjorie Gill
Shelley Gilmore
Jasmine Gorjan
George and Myrtle Graff
Dr. Alistair Graham
Calvin Green
Mark Grubisich
Alan and Mary Ann Guy
Richard and Karen Hall
Dr. Frank Halperin & Dr. Linda  O\'Neill
Tanja and Bob Halsall
Rudie and Sharon Harder
Paul Hardy
Dr. James and Linda Harvey
Patricia Harvie
Shirley Hatlelid
Dr. Bronnie Hautala
Kevin and Carol-Ann Hillman
Len and Ethelwyn Hintz
Jane Hoffman
Dr. Cheryl Holmes and  Denis Lampron
Dr. Richard Hooper
Fred and Elsie Horner
Margaret Horovatin
Janie Houston
Nancy and Lyle Howlett
Barry and Anne Humphreys
Ray and Jacquelyn Hunt
Adolf and Theresia Illichmann
Raymond Imbeau and Barbara Kitz
Sandy Jack
Leo Janel
Steve and Marylea Jarvis
Frank Jefferies
Ross and Dawn Jefferies
Steve and Jodi Jenkins
Dr. Moore Johnson
Theresa and Howard Johnstone and  their children Bryan and Delorese
Charlotte Jones
Bruce and Jacqueline Jones
Roberta Jordan
Robert and Shirley Joyce
Ronald and Susan Kaiser
Karl-Heinz and Anna Kaiser
Antony and Myrtle Karlicki
Axel and Suse Kaul
Lori Kavanagh
Roy and Yoneko Kawamoto
Howard Keillor
Dawn Kerkhoff
Alan and Maureen King
Mark Kinnear
Christian and Julie Kirschke
Rita Klassen
Juergen and Dolly Kleinhenz
Walter and Ilse Knuth
Dr. Shawna Koehle
The Krieg Family: Wolf, Julie and  Colin
Boris Kulynych
Debbie Larry
Kevin and Amy Lavigne
Deborah Lawless
Ian and Jane Leask
Laurence Lefeaux
Jeff Leishman
Dr. Ian and Theresa Leitch
Walley and Marietta Lightbody
Isabella Lind
Herbert and Melita Link
Barbara Liversidge
Ruth Lloyd
Delbert and Margaret Loraas
Eric and Kathleen Love
Melvine and Jean Loyst
Richard Luehr
Elsie Lukenchuk
Mary Lumsden
Alex Lye and Chi-Fui Chong
Alexander MacLachlan
Bernice MacLeod
Peter and Margaux MacPherson
Giovannina Magaldi
Clare Mallow
Dave and Marilyn Marcoux
Gordon and Anne Marshall
Shawn Mawhinney
Herb and Janet  May
Lulu Mayan
Bruce and Shelley McAuliffe
Colleen McEachern
Dr. Jan McIntosh
Bill McKerlich
Siobhan McManus
Russell Melsness
Arthur and Angeline Mensch
Dean and  Mary Miller
Bruce and Tracy Miller
Gerry and Trish Miller
Jack and Shirley Miller
Dorothy Mills
Gordon and Laurel Milsom
Roy and Pamela Moor
Tyler Mordy
Dr. Paul and Cathy Moreau
Duncan and Jane Morgan
Dr. Marianne Morgan
L. Joyce Moss
Lionel and Gloria Moyer
Paul and Colleen Mulvihill
Sue Munn
Dr. Sandy Nash
Michael Nedham
Robert Newby
Betty Nielsen
Walter and Inge Niereisel
Joe Numada
Dr. Jack and Laurie Oliver
Gordon and Monica Panas
Dr. Julie Parker
Kamlesh and Sita Parmar
Pravin and Gita Patel
Madeleine Patterson
Dr. Michael Penney and Dr. Ellen  Loucks
Richard and Martha Person
Sue Peschke
Laurence and  Vera Petch
Gina Petretta
Erna-May Pierce
Dr. Kevin and Anne Pistawka
Harvey and Arlas Plunkie
Anastasia Ponich
Marty and Maureen Pope
Darrell and Margaret Porubanec
Mardene Premachuk
Vicki M. Presley
Andrew Prior and Lesley Hobden
Gerald E. Raboch
Sydney Rahn
Rona and Susan Rampone
Louis Rampone
James and Rita Ranger
Albert and Erna Redschlag
Robert Reid
Connie Rimmer
Midred Ringrose
Rhys and Anne Rogers
Wes Rota
Greg Sawatzky and Freida Butcher
Edward and Shirley Schiller 
Wade and Lesley Schmidt
Albert and Karin Schrik
Arlene Schroeder
Beatrice Schuh
William and Anne Scott
John and Lisetta Seddon
Dr. Stuart Seigel
Barbara E. Sekela
Cliff and Lois Serwa
Annette and James Shackleton
Dr. Michael and Sharon Shepherd
Cliff and Barb Shillington
Bill and Donna Shumborski
Hildegard Silla
Randall and Gerda Simpson
Duncan Sinclair
Justin Skladan
Neil and Karen Smith
Steven and Marina Smith
Ernie and Marilyn St. Peirre
Tom and Gail Stanbrook
Joseph Steele
Gil and Olga Strauss
Anne Stuart
Donald and Dorothy Sugimoto
Ian and Lorna Sutherland
Sally Swenson
Morio and Jane Tahara
Deanna Tannas
Dr. Lynne Tereposky
Dorothy E. Thomson
Garry and Cheryl Toop
Dale and Shirley Truitt
Glenysmarie Tudge
Mark and Mary Jane Turton
Michael and Cherald Tutt
Roy and Lori Uzelman
Len and Francine Vandenberg
Sharon Varette and Cam Kourany
Vincent and Louise Voyer
Dr. Sybil Wahl and Harold Duncan
Dr. Cara Wall
Natalie Walstrom
Dr. William Wang
Kim Ward
Tom Warshawski and Kim Burrows
Ben and Nicole Wasyliuk
Archie Watson
Sandra Watts
Heather Weber
David and Priscilla Weir
Jack Whittle
Joseph Willison
Dr. Peter Wilson
John Wiman and Nanci Dodman
Dr. Shannon Wires
Henry Witzke
Bess and David Wright
Brian Yauga and Frank Moore
Les and Santhy Yeager
Brittaney Yeast
Helen Yetman
Henry Zukowski

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