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Legacy Donors

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The KGH Foundation gratefully acknowledges the following donors who have made a current or deferred legacy gift. They each have a leaf engraved with their names on the KGH Foundation’s Legacy Tree.

David and Deborah Adel
Catherine and Gord Almond
Fritz and Rose Altmann
Emilie and Donald Applin
Kerry and Eleeta Armit
Helen Arneson
Theresa Arsenault and Stuart Marshall
Odette Banerji
Peter Benmore
Carole and Peter Bowen
Doyle and Susan Bray
Bernice Brodie
Beverly Jean Busch
Robert and Susan Campbell
Grace and Ken Campbell
Aurele and Louise Campeau
Betty-Ann Catcher
Theresa L. Cole
Bill and Charlene Corbett
Jim Davies
Alan and Margaret Dawson
Joseph and Mary Degrazio
Wally Dennison
Bill Dishaw
Mike Duncan
Bob and Sherry Elliott
David and Celeste Fabris
Herb and Dawn Fallow
Allan and Elsie Farrar
Goerge and Jeanette Fish
Randy and Enid Fleischhacker
Murray and Yvonne Flock
Ute and Ekhard Freitag
Gerald and Kay Geen
Jacqueline Gilbertson
Lillian Halberg
Rendina Hamilton
Gisela Harding
Jean Harrod
Eugen and Johanna Helm
Rick and Amy Heseltine
Len and Ethelwyn Hintz
Chris Holtom
Colin and Susan Ives
Frank Jefferies
Bruce and Jacqueline Jones
Sonja and Walter Kischel
E. Marie Knight
George and Cornelia Kroker
Robert and Evelyn Krushe
Dennis and Linda Langevin
Roy and Lois Lashmar
Harry Lee
Chris Lefaivre
Walley and Marietta Lightbody
Isabella Lind
Barbara Liversidge
Alex Lye and Chi-Fui Chong
Clare and Jack Mallow
Jacob Martens
Ian and Margaret McGown
Bill and Gail McKerlich
Hugh and Linda Mervyn
Sven and Deborah Mikkelsen
Dean and Mary Miller
Bernice K. Moir
Roy and Pamela Moor
Vedder Morton
Sarah Nelems
Diane Paterson
Tammie Penty
Anna and John Pineault
Sheila Pitchford
B. Gail Plecash
Darrell and Margaret Porubanec
Albert and Rose Rampone
Susan and Frazer Reid
Margaret Ruf
Barbara E. Sekela
Annette Shackleton
Joseph and Greta Steele
Grant Steven and Andrea Loudoun-Steven
Ruth and Peter Stirling
Jim and Anna Stuart
Anne Stuart
Donald and Dorothy Sugimoto
Per Kjell Sundin Foundation
Sally Swenson
Carol Taylor
Bob and Stella Tessier
Dorothy Thomson
Lori J. Uzelman
Charles Volkart
Grace Wainwright
David and Priscilla Weir
Seymour and Joan Zidle

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