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"Community support of our orthopedic program will enable us to provide cutting edge treatments and world class care in our institution, resulting in better outcomes for patients. Partnering with local donors has already enabled us to make great strides towards our goals, but there is more work to do in order to become the best orthopedic center we can possibly be. "

Dr. Steve Krywulak – Orthopedic Surgeon, Chief of Orthopedics at KGH

It’s Closer to home than you think…

Muscle or joint pain, bone fractures, arthritis, and various other musculoskeletal conditions will be experienced by nearly everyone at some point in their lives. From newborns to seasoned athletes to elderly individuals, these issues can arise and significantly impact quality of life. The field of orthopaedics focuses on controlling pain, treating injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system, and improving strength and range of motion.

As Kelowna’s only comprehensive Musculoskeletal Centre, the KGH Bone and Joint team provides excellence in orthopaedic patient care, right here at home. Patient-centered care stands as a cornerstone of their approach, continuously looking to find ways to enhance the experiences of their patients. Over the last several years, this dedicated team of orthopaedic surgeons have worked strategically to reduce wait-times for patients, in some cases, down from one year, to 2-3 weeks.

Head, shoulders, knees and toes…and so much more

The demand for care is also on the rise and the KGH Bone and Joint team manages a high volume of cases for the region. As the referral centre for the entire Interior Health region, they deal with broken bones, painful joints, sports injuries, bone tumors, carpal tunnel, osteoporosis, arthritis, trauma surgery, club foot, hip dysplasia. The list of issues that our orthopaedic team at KGH can address is extensive.


World-Class Bone & Joint Care, Right Here at KGH

The KGH Foundation is committed to raising funds to support the acquisition of additional orthopaedic surgical equipment to improve the patient care experience immediately. Funds will also be allocated to improvements to the patient care experience, training, mentorship and leadership in subspecialty care, and the establishment of  the Bone & Joint Care Innovation Fund, to research and implement upstream solutions.


Hip & knee replacements are performed annually at KGH.

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of surgeries at KGH are Bone & Joint related.


"Our community is growing, the need for orthopaedic care is growing, and the technologies are advancing. We need to provide the best care possible to the patients of our region, and give them access to way more than just their surgery. "

Dr. Lane Dielwart – Orthopedic Surgeon, President of the BC Orthopedic Association

Equipment & Technology

Exciting technologies and advancements in surgical equipment are allowing for expansion in orthopaedic care. The Hall Mpower Trauma sets are a great example of this. These versatile sets are designed for a wide range of bone treatments, from hairline fractures to broken bones. The additional units will help the orthopedics department handle the increased demand for trauma surgeries, leading to increased capacity and decreased wait times for patients needing urgent care.

Innovation in Bone & Joint

While our Bone and Joint team already perform incredibly precise procedures – many performed with fibre-optic cameras (arthroscopic surgery) – advances are on the horizon, and the team is keen to add innovative procedures and enhance the efficiency of care delivery to ensure that patients are receiving the world-class care they deserve right here, at home.

Innovation Spotlight

Dr. Lane Dielwart – Orthopedic Surgeon, President of the BC Orthopedic Association


KGH Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Lane Dielwart, recognized a need to create a series of surgeon-led pre-op education videos to provide patients with more in-depth information on their surgical procedure and pre/post-op care needs outside of the limited surgeon consultation time. Equipping patients with the power of information enables them to be more prepared for their procedure which promotes post-surgical satisfaction and in turn ultimately creates more surgical access.

Double Your Impact

A gift to support innovation offers the benefit of unlocking a matching contribution from the Jim Pattison Foundation to support the Centre for Health System Learning & Innovation which will hold an important role in advancing this work.

Help us bring innovative solutions to health care in the Southern Interior and double your impact today.

This Centre, in partnership with Interior Health and the KGH Foundation, promises to revolutionize the landscape of health care innovation in BC’s interior.

It is the first of its kind with a unique focus on rural, remote, Indigenous, and community health care. It aims to be a virtual network connecting innovators, clinical teams, researchers, patients and families, and community partners. Together, we will create research-based solutions that tackle the diverse and complex health care challenges facing our communities.


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