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The Perking Lot at KGH
Our hospital coffee shop. We will turn you into a Barrista! On-site training on coffee machines and POS system. Potential to train others. Scheduling, Purchasing.

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We have exciting opportunities for volunteers now, for all ages and stages who want to ‘be’ the difference by sharing their time and talent.

The Royal Bistro at KGH
The hospital deli and café. Serving staff, patients and visitors to KGH. Opportunities include Short Order Cooking, Scheduling, Cashier.
The Centennial Mercantile, gift shop at KGH
The Hospital Gift Shop. Serving staff, patients and visitors to KGH. You will be trained on operating a POS system, debit and credit card purchases and phone orders delivered to the patients of KGH.
Rutland Thrift Store
Serving customers from Rutland and Kelowna! All funds come back to KGH to purchase medical equipment to support patient care and comfort. Opportunities include; Floor Manager, Dept. Manager, Electronics, retail representatives, cashiers, handler of housewares and collectibles, rag cutter.
About the KGH Foundation.
The KGH Foundation is an independent, volunteer-driven organization committed to enhancing the delivery of health care to the patients of KGH and its associated facilities. For over 38 years, the organization has been the bridge between a generous community and the region’s rapidly growing health care needs.

Our volunteers don’t just make a difference.
They ARE the difference.

  • Do you want to do meaningful work that has a real impact?
  • Do you like being with people and building new friendships?
  • Do you have professional skills that are not being utilized?
  • Do you want to know that people are truly grateful for the work you do?
  • Are you recently retired and still have a lot to offer?
  • Are you a grateful (former) patient wanting to give back?
By volunteering for the KGH Foundation, you are literally saving lives. 
Rick Knorr tells us about his experience as a KGH Foundation volunteer and explains why it’s so special.
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